NEED logoThe National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project hosted a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico July 14-18, 2013 for one hundred plus educators that are passionate about energy education. Attendees came from many states, including Texas and some represented the TRC.

This conference provided educators with the most up-to-date information on all aspects of energy including the science of energy, sources of energy, transportation, electricity, and environmental and economic impacts.

NEED Conference

Groups of teachers worked on different aspects of energy sources.

Each participant received a NEED Science of Energy Kit, a class-set of NEED Energy Infobooks, access to all NEED Curriculum Guides, and supplemental resources.

NEED Conference

Dr. Kamil Jbeily, TRC Executive Director, attended part of the conference and worked in groups with the teachers.

Dr. Jbeily was very impressed with the NEED Project and how it unites the energy companies, agencies, and other public/private organizations together to bring balanced energy programs to our schools while also focusing on strong, sustained professional development.

The partners in the energy industry supported the participants and their attendance to the conference. Sponsorship included providing registration fees, speakers, travel expenses, and curriculum materials to participants. Shell sponsored several teachers from Texas. We are very excited and motivated with our experience and want to thank Shell for sponsoring us.

NEED Conference

From left to right- Amanda Perez and Leticia Olivarez, Laredo, TX; Susan Nelson, Brookville, KS; Donna Christy and Beth Muyskens, Cypress, TX and Marsha Willis, Austin, TX.

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