September 22-26, 2014

8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.




Eligible Attendees

Mathematics Teacher Leaders and Project Directors from the Texas Regional Collaboratives may attend this PDA. Outside persons wishing to attend need to contact Debbie Junk via the contact information below. Attendance is limited to two participants per Collaborative.



This PDA will prepare teacher Instructional Team Members and teacher leaders how to implement the DMI Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra professional development. The DMI CAA materials are designed specifically for teachers of grades 1-6, but older grades teachers can benefit form learning about connections from whole number operations to the algebraic content they may be teaching.  The TRC 5-day PDA will be led by Dr. Virginia Bastable. Previous experience with a DMI is preferred but not required.

About Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra

Algebra readiness: it’s a topic of concern that seems to pervade every school district. How can we better prepare elementary students for algebra? More importantly, how can we help all children, not just those who excel in math, become ready for later instruction? The answer lies not in additional content, but in developing a way of thinking about the mathematics that underlies both arithmetic and algebra. 

 Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra invites readers to learn about a crucial component of algebraic thinking: investigating the behavior of the operations. Nationally-known math educators Susan Jo Russell, Deborah Schifter, and Virginia Bastable and a group of collaborating teachers describe how elementary teachers can shape their instruction so that students learn to:

  • notice and describe consistencies across problems

  • articulate generalizations about the behavior of the operations

  • develop mathematical arguments based on representations to explain why such generalizations are or are not true.

Through such work, students become familiar with properties and general rules that underlie computational strategies—including those that form the basis of strategies used in algebra—strengthening their understanding of grade-level content and at the same time preparing them for future studies.

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Certificates of Participation

Certificates stating 30 hours of Continuing Professional Education hours (CPE credits) earned will be sent electronically after the participants have completed the online course evaluation.  Participants should receive the certificate two to three weeks after the PDA. Any questions about certificates should be directed toward the contact person listed on this page.





Lodging is to be arranged by each attendee. A list of Lodging Accommodations Near Norris Conference Center is available for download.



Parking is free at the Norris Conference Center.



  • Cost:
    • $50.00 per day for each participant
    • $250.00 total per participant for this training
  • Registration fees cover breakfast, lunch and training materials
  • Payments are due before this event.
  • Refunds will not be issued for cancellations or those not in attendance.


Registration Payment

  • Participants can pay by credit card or check. The registration confirmation email will contain all necessary information to provide to business offices for credit card payment records and check processing instructions.
  • Checks for registration need to be made out to “The University of Texas at Austin.” Please send to the attention of Jeff Early along with the printed registration confirmation email.
  • Transportation expenses will be reimbursed. Reimbursement forms will be provided electronically after the event. All participants are responsible for their own lodging reservations and payments. 

Registration Instructions

Click the registration button below to register your attendance. You will be asked your name, email, and collaborative. If you are not the project director, you will need to enter your project director’s email as well. If you have multiple people attending, please fill out this form for each person that will be attending. You may need to quit and restart your browser to enter multiple people. If you need technical help with the registration page, send an email to the: TRC Web Team.

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