Collaborative members are encouraged to share their success stories with the TRC and their fellow educators. Each year at the TRC Annual Meeting, we also give our members the opportunity to share their stories on video. This page contains a selection of this feedback.


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Stacie Barnett Success StoryStacie Barnett of the Region 16 Science Collaborative shares her TRC Success Story

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Suzanne Maxwell

4th Grade Teacher

Region 6 Mathematics Collaborative/Huntsville


openquote_64x64Being a member of the TRC has really given me a good knowledge base and an excitement to teach the students science, and it has become my favorite subject.  Being at the Annual Meeting for the first time has renewed my energy by being able to collaborate with other teachers and seeing what they are doing in the innovative projects they are working on to inspire students to learn science in new ways.

Vivian Burleson

4th Grade Teacher

OLLU Regional Collaborative/San Antonio


Elvira Guerra

3rd Grade Teacher

Region 1 Mathematics Collaborative/Edinburg


openquote_64x64My favorite part of being in the Collaborative is that you get an additional family.  You are surrounded by people that look out for your best interest in your classroom, they give you tons of ideas, and really encourage you to constantly better yourself so you never hit that low that teachers sometimes experience.  I never feel like I am alone.  It’s really been beneficial in helping me expand my career and become the best teacher I can be for my students because they are the ones who I do this for.

Heather Bates

8th Grade Science Teacher

Region 8 Science Collaborative/Mount Pleasant


Don Becker

8th Grade Teacher

University of Houston Clear Lake Regional Science Collaborative/Houston


openquote_64x64All I can say is “wow!”  Coming here to the TRC conference to meet with both math and science teachers has recharged my batteries, put more wind in my sails to go out and continue what I do with the teachers at our Service Center.

Fernando Rosa

Mathematics Specialist

Region 1 Mathematics Collaborative/Edinburg


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