Honoring the Teachers


Planning Your Collaborative’s Honoring the Teachers Event

This page provides Project Directors with guidance and resources to assist Collaboratives in planning their Honoring the Teachers events.


Purpose of the Event

Honoring the Teachers events are strategically planned to achieve the following objectives:

  • Recognize and honor participating teachers;
  • Inform and Engage policy makers, legislators, and state leaders in the program.  (This objective is a very critical and central objective! The “Honoring the Teachers” event at the Regional level and the TRC Annual Meeting at the State level, provide two unique opportunities to inform state legislators and policy makers about the significant role of the Collaboratives in improving the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in classrooms across Texas.);
  • Thank and REWARD corporate partners;
  • Celebrate the regional collaborative partnership in the community;
  • Acknowledge and ENCOURAGE support of administrators to teachers, and
  • Publicize the program through media outlets in the region.


Planning Your Event

  • Download the Event Planning Guide. This document will help you organize and make preparations for the event.
  • Download the HTT Procedures document.( zip format) which will provide you with a sample invitation, agenda, an EXCEL spreadsheet to use, and a sample certificate available upon request from your local Senator or House Representative.
  • Download this example of text for award plaques.
  • HTT Sample Invitaion: An example of a formal invitaion letter.
  • The TRC logo is available for download in several common sizes, formats, and colors for use in any original documents you create for the event.
  • For examples and inspiration, visit the Honoring the Teachers page to browse and archive of events dating back to 2006.