This is a list of dates for the TRC’s training events (both PDA and non-PDA) for the 2017-18 grant year. This list is subject to change.


Date Event Subject Title
Sept 21-22, 2017 Meeting Program Project Directors Meeting
Dec 11-13, 2017 Training Science WestEd Making Sense of Science: Organisms
Dec 14-15, 2017 Training Science WestEd Making Sense of Science: Systems and Water
Jan 9-11, 2018 Training Math Mathematical Argumentation in Middle School: The What, Why and How
Jan 22, 2018 Online STEM Gifted & Talented Refresher: Differentiation with Menus
Feb 8, 2018 Webinar Program Project Directors Webinar
Feb 12-13, 2018 Training CT Integrating Computational Thinking into K-12 Core Academics
Feb 15, 2018 Online Math Focus on Algebra: Introducing Linear Functions
Apr 2, 2018 Online STEM T-TESS for Success (Winter 2018)
Apr 18-19, 2018  Training  Math Argument-Driven Mathematics: Investigations that Support the Development of Mathematical Thinking
Apr 18-19, 2018  Training  Science Argument-Driven Engineering: Using Engineering Design Tasks to Teach Science Content and Process TEKS
Apr 19-20, 2018 Meeting Program Project Directors Meeting
May 15-17, 2018 Training Math TRC Mathematics Leadership Institute – Middle School

TRC Mathematics Leadership Institute – Elementary School

June 26-28, 2018  Conference  All TRC 24th Annual Meeting
Jul 30 – Aug 2, 2018 Training Math/CTE Geometry in Construction


Looking for Computer Science Events?

Please visit the WeTeach_CS Event page for a list of available CS training events.