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Qualtrics Report Manual (PDF) (Updated May 25, 2016) — How-to guide for accessing and creating Qualtrics score-reports.



Science Teacher Content Knowledge Assessment

Qualtrics is a survey service the TRC is using to administer the Science Teacher Content Knowledge assessments in 2016-17. Each Science Collaborative has been set up to administer the Earth Science pre- and post-assessment through Qualtrics, along with a short answer section to be administered on paper. The window for administering the pre-assessment is from 06/01/16 through 08/31/16, and the spring post assessment window begins on 05/01/17 and ends on 06/30/17.

The Project Director will receive emails from the TRC with specific directions, short-answer items, and a link for administering the assessment to all mentor teachers. Links to the pre- and post- assessments will also be posted in the TRC DataCenter Assessment section. All teachers must have a valid UT EID to complete the tests. To access teacher content assessment data, please use the instructions provided in the manual below or contact TRC Graduate Research Assistant, Jair Aguilar, at jair.aguilar@utexas.edu for a report of your teacher’s test scores.


Assessment Administration Guidelines

Choose a time to administer the assessment carefully. The pre-assessment needs to be taken prior to the Summer Institute, before any PD has been provided. Many projects administer the pre-assessment on the orientation day or the morning of the first day of the Summer Institute. The post-assessment should be administered after all PD has been completed for the year. When scheduling the post-assessment administration, don’t do it after a long day and when teachers may be in a hurry to leave; instead do it near the beginning or middle of the day.

The assessment administration should be proctored, and if possible, all teachers need to take it at the same time and in the same time frame. The time needed for the pre-assessment should be about the same as the time for the post-assessment. Plan for extra time on the pre-assessment for teachers to create their UTEIDs, if they have not done so already. Teachers’ UT EIDs will be used to import their assessment data into the TRC DataCenter.

Explain to teachers that this assessment should be taken seriously for both sittings, but that it will not be used for individual evaluation, nor will it be shared with administrators. By design the assessment has some difficult items which allow the assessment to measure growth over time. Remind teachers that the assessment environment needs to be quiet so everyone can do their best.


Teacher Instructional Practices Survey – Qualtrics

To assist Project Directors in establishing a consistent measure of instructional practice, the TRC has developed an Instructional Practices Survey that will be administered at the beginning of the school year and at the end of the school year; preferably in the same sitting as the pre- and post-content assessments. The links to the Science Instructional Practices pre- and post-survey will be sent to the Project Directors by the TRC and will be posted in the TRC DataCenter Assessment section.

The pre-survey should be completed by all of your STMs between the dates of 6/01/16 and 08/31/16. It will take about 20-25 minutes to complete. Teachers will need to use their UT EID to complete the form and this will be used to import this data into the DataCenter. Completion of the survey by STMs will be a requirement for the 10/15/16 TRC Interim Report. Instructions for completing the survey can be found on the Science Participant Requirements page.

The Instructional Practices Post-Survey window will be open from 05/01/17 to 06/01/17. All mentors will be required to complete the post-survey.


Mentor Participant Data and Consent Form

All mentor teachers must use the online 2016-17 TRC Mentor Portal to create and update their teacher record in the TRC DataCenter, complete the TRC Research Consent form, and enter student outcome data. The main mentor portal screen includes links to instructions and data entry guidelines.

2016-17 TRC Mentor Portal

2016-17 TRC Mentor Portal


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