May 9-13, 2016

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


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The TRC Mathematics Leadership Institute is intended to provide mathematics professional development providers with quality PD tools and resources to support middle grade teachers in the areas of algebraic and proportional reasoning. Participants will choose which sessions to attend during the PDA to customize their learning experience. Further, participants are not required to attend all five days. Most sessions will include a book, handouts and professional development PPTs designed to support the delivery of the Professional Development to teachers.




  • Drury Inn & Suites Austin North
  • 6711 IH 35 North
  • Austin, TX 78752
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Eligible Attendees

Initial registration is limited to two participants from each TRC Math Collaborative. The individuals attending the PDA should plan to be the primary presenter for a turnaround training that is both pedagogy and content intense. Please email Debra Junk,, to be placed on the waiting list before registering more than two individuals.


Session Descriptions

Session 1 – May 9-10

Numeracy in the Middle Grades

Presented by Pam Harris

Pam will use her recent work in Building Powerful Numeracy to specifically target proportional reasoning and algebraic concepts. You will work with both problem strings and number talks – learn what they have in common, how they are different, how they work together, and when to use which lesson structure. These two days will provide at least 2 days of PD material for your project, and can be used in smaller segments with other PD.

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Cost for the two-day session is $120.00 for TRC Members and $240.00 for non-TRC participants. Session Limit 60 persons.


Session 2A – May 11-12

NCTM Principles to Actions: in Practice for Algebra and Proportional Reasoning

Presented by Virginia Bastable

We will examine four of the NCTM Teaching Practices in detail with examples drawn from algebraic thinking and proportional reasoning: “support productive struggle in learning mathematics”, “elicit and use evidence of student thinking”, “use and connect mathematical representations”, and “implement tasks that promote problem solving and reasoning”. We will engage in these activities for ourselves and also consider how to bring these ideas to others.

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Cost for the two-day session is $120.00 for TRC Members and $240.00 for non-TRC participants. Session Limit 40 persons.


Session 2B – May 11

Focus on Algebra: Conducting a Congress

Presented by Pam Harris

Pam will use materials from the three Focus on Algebra PDA’s (linear, quadratic, and exponential functions) to study the art of creating intense purposeful mathematics discussions (called a math congress) with students and teachers. Bring your questions about congresses you’ve facilitated! Ideally, participants that sign up for this one-day session will have experienced at least one of the Focus on Algebra PDA’s.

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Cost for the one-day session is $60.00 for TRC Members and $120.00 for non-TRC participants. Session Limit 40 persons.


Session 2C – May 12

Fostering Algebraic Thinking Through the Use of Bursts

Presented by Dr. John Lamb

Dr. John Lamb from UT Tyler will present “bursts” for algebraic Thinking. These bursts are based on the Fostering Algebraic Thinking non-routine problems presented in Mark Driscoll’s book, Fostering Algebraic Thinking: A Guide for Teachers Grades 6-10. Participants who have not yet attended the F.A.T. PD before are welcome, however some previous experiences with teaching these types of non-routine problems will be helpful.

More information

John’s YouTube Channel

Cost for the one-day session is $60.00 for TRC Members and $120.00 for non-TRC participants. Session Limit 40 persons.


Session 3A – May 13

NCTM Principles to Actions – supporting PLC and Book Study Groups

Presented by Virginia Bastable

While we will examine all eight of the NCTM Teaching Practices and develop formats for using the Principles to Actions text as a source for focused book study or Professional Learning Communities, we will examine two practices in detail: “pose purposeful questions” and “facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse”. Our work with these two principles will provide the structure to develop formats for engaging others with the text.

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Cost for the one-day session is $60.00 for TRC Members and $120.00 for non-TRC participants. Session Limit 40 persons.


Session 3B – May 13

Building Concepts in Mathematics: Ratios & Proportional Reasoning

Presented by Michelle Rinehart

Building Concepts in Mathematics is a series of lessons that helps students develop a deeper understanding of foundational mathematics concepts of ratios and proportions. The lessons follow a progression of concepts through the 6th-8th grade TEKS and focus on using interactive technology to engage learners and visualize mathematics. Project leaders will need access to TI-Nspire technology (handheld calculators, software, or iPad app) to turn this training around.

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Cost for the one-day session is $60.00 for TRC Members and $120.00 for non-TRC participants. Session Limit 40 persons.


Certificates of Participation

Participants will receive a link to the course evaluation immediately following the PDA. Certificates stating 6 hours/day of Continuing Professional Education hours (CPE credits) earned will be sent electronically after the participant has completed the online course evaluation. Participants who have completed the evaluation will receive the certificate within three weeks after the PDA. Any questions about certificates should be directed toward the contact person listed on this page..



  • Debra Junk, Ph.D.
  • Coordinator for Mathematics Initiatives
  • 512.232.0880



All participants are responsible for their own lodging reservations and payments. The Drury Inn & Suites Austin North has set up a group rate block for this event. The group rate is $116/night. To get the group rate, follow the instructions below.

  • Make your lodging reservations at the Drury Inn by Wednesday, April 6, 2016 to receive the group rate
  • Reservations made after Wednesday, April 6, 2016 will be subject to prevailing rate and availability
  • Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-325-0720 and using the group number 2264878
  • Click the online reservations link to make reservations online
  • Remember to download and present the Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate to avoid being charged occupancy tax



Parking is free and abundant at the Drury Inn.




  • $60.00 per day for each TRC member participant.
  • $120.00 per day for each non-TRC member participant.
  • Total cost will vary depending on TRC member status and number of session registrations.

Registration Notes

  • Collaboratives may register one to two participants per session.
  • Registration will open for non-TRC members on a space available basis on April 1, 2016.
  • The online registration system will allow registrants to choose sessions.
  • The total cost will be calculated to reflect those chosen sessions, including adjustment to reflect TRC or non-TRC status.
  • Registration fees cover breakfast, lunch, and training materials.
  • Payments are due before this event.
  • Refunds will not be issued for cancellations or those not in attendance.
  • Space is limited by session. (See session descriptions above for details.)

Payment Instructions

  • Participants can pay by credit card or check. The registration confirmation email will contain all the necessary information you need to provide to your business offices regarding credit card payment records and check processing instructions.
  • Checks for registration need to be made out to The University of Texas at Austin. Please mail checks to the attention of Jeff Early, along with the printed registration confirmation email, to the following address.
    • Center for STEM Education
    • 1912 Speedway, D5500
    • SZB 340
    • Austin, TX 78712
    • Attn: Jeff Early

Payment Questions?

Please email Jeff Early ( with any payment questions you may have.

Transportation Reimbursement

Transportation expenses for up to two attendees per TRC Mathematics Collaborative will be reimbursed. Reimbursement forms will be provided electronically after the event.


Online Registration Instructions

Click the registration button below to register your attendance. You will be asked for your contact information, what subjects you are currently teaching. You will also be given opportunity to select individual sessions for this event. The number of sessions selected, and your TRC membership status, will effect the total cost of this workshop. If you have multiple people attending, please fill out this form for each person. You may need to quit and restart your browser to enter multiple people. If you need technical help with the registration page, send an email to