Geometry in Construction


Geometry in ConstructionLast month was a very busy and successful time for the TRC.  During August 4-8, the TRC once again hosted a Geometry in Construction (GiC) training for teams of 35 geometry and CTE teachers from around the state.  Teachers attended the training at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville ISD, which has been implementing the program since 2012.  Holding the training at a school that actively participates in the program allowed attendees to view facilities and speak with teachers currently implementing the program.

Geometry in ConstructionGiC is a high school program, which began in 2005 in Loveland, CO by math and CTE teachers, Tom Moore and Scott Burke.  It integrates contextualized learning into both geometry and construction classes that are taken simultaneously by high school students. The teams of teachers work collaboratively to integrate the curricula and instruction throughout the year.  Teachers who participated in the training received all of the instructional materials required to replicate this program in their school. Along with materials, there were many hands-on math activities, construction work, and great information about implementing this course for participants to take home.

Geometry in ConstructionTeachers had many great things to say about this training- “It gave me an actual curriculum to follow from day one. I really like the format and slew of information that is in the three books. I also like the modeling the presenters did with numerous exercises. I walked out excited to teach construction and learn geometry at the same time. It’s an opportunity to better myself in both teaching and learning.”

Another teacher said, “I just want to thank Tom and Scott for creating this curriculum and for sharing it with the world. It’s education as it should be.  It has rejuvenated me as a teacher.”