Building the Texas Computer Science Pipeline Strategic Recommendations for Success


Dr. Carol FletcherWhile STEM education is a hot topic lately, the reality is that computer science education, or the lack of it, in Texas high schools and colleges is leaving today’s students woefully underprepared to take advantage of some of the fastest growing, highest paying jobs in Texas and the nation. In response to this disconnect between the workforce and the Texas education system, Dr. Carol L. Fletcher, Associate Director of the TRC, began collecting input from individuals with expertise in computer science education, policy, curriculum, professional development, and workforce needs from across the state to address this problem.

In October of 2014, Dr. Fletcher, in partnership with the Austin Chamber of Commerce, convened a group of computer science stakeholders to determine the key barriers to the development of a robust CS pipeline in Texas schools and to make strategic recommendations to address those barriers. From this initial meeting of the Texas Computer Science Task Force, along with additional research, conversations, and input from more stakeholders, a consensus was formed around what could be done in both the short and long term to address these issues. Building the Texas Computer Science Pipeline: Strategic Recommendations for Success is a white paper that outlines these barriers and offers concrete, achievable recommendations to improve both access to, and the quality of, computer science education for Texas students.

“When my colleagues in the business sector hear that less than 15% of Texas high schools even offer AP Computer Science, they are shocked. We all know the incredible opportunities that are out there for our students in computer science and information technology, but we really don’t have a strategic plan in the state for preparing our students to take advantage of these opportunities,” says Fletcher.  “This white paper outlines some of the steps we can take to develop that strategic plan and build the Texas computer science pipeline.”

Recommendations for Building a Robust Texas Computer Science Pipeline

Computer Science Pipeline Recommendations

This graphic (click to enlarge) summarizes these barriers and recommendations. For more detail, you can download the entire white paper or contact Carol L. Fletcher, Ph.D., at



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