BiologyThe A+ Biology Lab Companion has been designed specifically for teacher-use in the incorporation of laboratory and hands-on techniques and procedures in their science curriculum. It is a flexible compendium, which may be utilized in conjunction with or to enhance existing curricula. Additionally, it may serve as a source for teachers in their own quest for hands-on and lab based science ideas.

This Lab Companion is not a lab manual for students. Specific safety and age appropriateness have not been inclusive of the development of the Lab Companion and therefore some of the techniques and procedures could result in unsafe practices if implemented as a student lab manual.

It is planned that the Lab Companion will be a fluid document, enhanced and improved upon over time as science educators add their ideas to it.

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This material was presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting during the development stage. It will be presented to Biology teachers and Project Directors during the 2013 Annual Meeting.


We would like to thank Dr. Lisa Bellows, Sara Flusche, Christy Dillard and Pam Enderby from the North Central Texas Science Collaborative.

Copyright & Permissions

The TRC gives permission to all TRC teachers or affiliated institutions to reproduce or transmit the book in any for or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, for the purposes of teacher professional development or student instruction. The contents of this booklet may be reproduced only for noncommercial purposes.


Please address questions about these materials to Marsha Willis (, TRC Professional Development Coordinator.