Educators learn of efforts to eradicate giant salvinia from Caddo Lake


The ESC Region 8 Math and Science Collaboratives partnership with Jefferson, Texas based Collins Academy recently caught the eye of the Longview News-Journal. This partnership aims to give Region 8’s Math and Science Teacher Mentors (MTMs and STMs) hands-on training, while they explore real-world issues that effect their East Texas community. All of this activity takes place during an intensive two week training period known as a Summer Institute. The TRC is very thankful for all the hard work being done by Region 8 and all our Regional Collaboratives to improve STEM education through professional development.

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Educators learn of efforts to eradicate giant salvinia from Caddo Lake

CADDO LAKE — Area teachers took a boat trip Thursday beneath Caddo Lake’s towering, Spanish moss-draped cypress trees to see the floating fern known as the “world’s worst weed” as part of a two-week training session.

The group of 36 math and 36 science teachers were in the middle of the training in which they will research weevils, paddlefish and giant salvinia, which has become enemy No. 1 to the lake’s ecosystem.

The event was sponsored by Region 8 and The Collins Academy in Jefferson.

“We were trying to think of something to focus on that is affecting our community and find ways to assist when we talked with the Collins Academy, and they agreed to partner with us as part of a grant,” said Region 8 Secondary Science Consultant Cheryl Allison.

The grant funding the event was awarded by Texas Regional Collaborative out of the University of Texas at Austin. The group provides resources for science and math teachers.

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Article by Bridget Ortigo, with photos by Michael Cavazos.


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ESC Region 8’s activities were also covered by the Citizens Journal of Atlanta, Texas.

Educators learn of efforts to eradicate giant salviniae

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