May 6-8, 2015

8:30 AM – 4:00 PM




  • Norris Conference Center

  • 2525 Anderson Lane
  • Suite 325
  • Austin, TX 78757
  • 512-451-5011
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Eligible Attendees

Initial registration should be for one or two participants from each TRC Math Collaborative. (See note below) The individuals attending the PDA should be the primary presenter for a three-day turnaround training that is focused on both pedagogy and content. Attendees should possess both kinds of expertise. The total number of participants is limited to 35. See note below for special details.

NOTE: Projects are allowed to register up to 2 ITMs for this PDA, however, if more than 11 projects register 2 ITMs, priority will be given to those who registered first. All projects are guaranteed at least one slot until April 1st. On April 2nd, we will notify anyone who has registered 2 people if the second person’s registration is accepted or not. For that reason, please delay making airline reservations or paying for the second person until that time.



The Learning and Teaching Geometry (LTG) project (NSF# 0732757) developed and pilot tested well-specified, practice-based PD materials. These materials contain over 50 hours of PD that support the teaching and learning of mathematical similarity (including connections to proportionality and linearity) based on geometric transformations. The materials engage teachers in learning through the use of video cases, in which specific and increasingly complex mathematical concepts are presented within the dynamics of classroom practice.

The Foundation Module guides teachers through a series of 10, 3-hour sessions. The sessions follow a learning trajectory that is designed to enrich teachers’ MKT as well as their ability to support students’ understanding of transformations, congruence and similarity, and the applications of these topics to concepts such as proportional reasoning, slope, and linearity. Each session has at its core one or more digital video clips of a mathematics classroom. These clips are unedited segments selected from real classroom footage of un-staged mathematics lessons, representing a range of grade levels, geographic locations and student populations.

The TRC is excited to host Nanette Seago, from WestEd who will lead the PDA. Nanette is the Principal Investigator of the Learning and Teaching Geometry project. She is the author of Learning and Teaching Linear Functions PD material and classroom video components as well.

The research background for Teaching and Learning Geometry can be viewed on the ARC’s website (University of Chicago).


Certificates of Participation

Certificates stating 18 hours of Continuing Professional Education hours (CPE credits) earned will be sent electronically after the participant has completed the online course evaluation. Participants should receive the certificate two to three weeks after the PDA. Any questions about certificates should be directed toward the contact person listed on this page.



  • Debbie Plowman Junk, Ph.D.
  • Coordinator for Mathematics Initiatives
  • 512.232.0880



No hotel block arrangements have been made by the TRC for this event. Make reservations at an area hotel of your choice, asking for state rate.  See a list of nearby hotels linked below.



Parking is free and abundant at the Norris Conference Center.



  • Cost:
    $50.00 per day for each participant.
    $150.00 total per participant for this 3-day workshop.
  • Registration fees cover breakfast, lunch and training materials.
  • Payments are due before this event.
  • Refunds will not be issued for cancellations or those not in attendance.
  • Event limited to 35 participants


Registration Payment

  • Participants can pay by credit card or check. The registration confirmation email will contain all necessary information to provide to business offices for credit card payment records and check processing instructions.
  • Checks for registration need to be made out to “The University of Texas at Austin.” Please send to the attention of Jeff Early along with the printed registration confirmation email.
  • Transportation expenses will be reimbursed. Reimbursement forms will be provided electronically after the event. All participants are responsible for their own lodging reservations and payments.


Registration Instructions:

Click the registration button below to register your attendance. You will be asked your name, email, and collaborative. If you are not the project director, you will need to enter your project director’s email as well. If you have multiple people attending, please fill out this form for each person that will be attending. You may need to quit and restart your browser to enter multiple people. If you need technical help with the registration page, send an email to the: TRC Web Team.

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