Connecting Classrooms to Scientific Research Expeditions (A Live Ship to Shore Video broadcast)


JOIDES Resolution

The research vessel, JOIDES Resolution.

In a first for the TRC Annual Meeting, participants in this featured session will connect live ship-to-shore with a research expedition led by the International Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) in Southern Alaska and their Education Officer, Alison Mote. Alison is a TXESS Revolution, EarthLabs Teacher Leader, and a Project Lead the Way teacher for The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin, Texas. Alison is very excited to be part of Expedition 341 to Southern Alaska because it combines so many of her favorite things: earth science, cutting edge research, and exploring new and exciting territories. The best part is that she will be able to share her experiences on board the JOIDES Resolution with session attendees.

Alison Mote

Alison Mote

The expedition will explore the relationship between global climate change, tectonics, glacial advance and retreat cycles, paleo-ocean circulation and productivity, and the Earth’s changing magnetic field in the Gulf of Alaska. A diverse team of scientists on board the JOIDES Resolution will investigate these interactions among the Earth’s systems in Southern Alaska to reveal information about the Earth’s past and provide valuable information for predicting future changes on our planet.

Participants will learn how they can become involved in following this and other IODP expeditions. Our expedition education program will focus on promoting sea-going research and the science goals of this expedition through the JR’s education web portal, live ship-to-shore events, and much more!

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