Shell-TRC Field Trip


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Shell-TRC Field Trip Group Photo


Shell-TRC field trip to Steve Wolf’s Stunt Ranch provided participants with hands-on and body-on activities. Participants were divided into groups and rotated through several learning-activity stations. Content and safety-trained staff members explained the science and math used at each station. Data collected from each station was shared with participants.


Field Trip


These real life experiences authentically integrated math and science. Key science topics covered were: mechanical advantage, pressure and force, temperature, properties of matter, work vs. effort, speed and acceleration, changes in states of matter, properties of matter, viscosity, flammability, and thermodynamics. Key math topics covered were measurement of distance, temperature, and pressure. The activities provided opportunities to collect data, balance equations, and plot trajectories.


Field Trip


Participants were able to scale an 18’ tall climbing tower and safely experience the thrill of falling into the Zero Impact airbag. At another station involved speeding along a 180 foot zip line and working with pulleys to effortlessly lift other participants. Other activities involved learning how to create realistic car explosions, using an air cannon, and smoke machine. All of which explored the the use of force and pressure in real world settings.


Field Trip


The are many more photos from the Shell-TRC Field Trip available. They can be found in both the TRC’s field trip gallery and in Steve Wolf’s online gallery.